Wednesday, January 27, 2010

And the First Beta is...


Finally, a strong beta!  In both of the previous pregnancies we were under 40 on our first value.  We are actually feeling like this may be our baby!  Important to keep the emotions in check though - it is still so early on, but this is looking really good so far.  We are both smiling from ear to ear.

Thanks again to our surrogacy family worldwide.  The community on-line is such a blessing.  The emails were overwhelming yesterday...

First ultrasound next week!

PS - something odd is going on with my settings on Blogger and I cannot post comments on anyone's blogs - with only a couple of exceptions - I think I can post on Amani's and Jojo's and that's it.  I feel like I've been blacklisted!  LOL.  So, not ignoring anyone, just having technical challenges!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Chapter 3 (+)

Today was the day of our pregnancy test, but given that today is Republic Day in India, a national holiday, the lab was closed.  Dr S had emailed with me yesterday that she could not perform the blood test until Wed, rather than today, Tues.  I was so bummed, so she said that she would do a urine test today.  She just phoned (around 5am LA time) and said 'Good News - Strong Positive'!  YAY!  The blood test results with the actual beta level will be available this time tomorrow morning.

We are now 3 for 3 - 3 attempts, 3 pregnancies.  Interesting statistics in this crazy ride called surrogacy.  Now, here's praying that the third one is THE ONE!  We are very excited, but with two miscarriages under our belt, cautious at best.

Thanks everyone for all the emails and comments - means so much to have the support of so many.  Dr S is having a really strong 'run' right now with positives!  We are equally happy for her and her growing clientele of which she is so very deserving.  She is our hero.

More tomorrow...
Terry & Steve

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chapter 3 - Egg Collection & Embryo Transfer

Well, here we are again! My posts have been infrequent of late, but Chapter 3 is now in motion and there's no time like the present to share our updates...

First of all, let me say that I couldn't be less stressed. It is odd really. I'm sure it is largely due to having so much work on my plate that I barely have time to sleep! That aside, I think there is just a nice 'calm' that comes with knowing the process and understanding the need for patience...and trusting your doctor implicitly. Yes, we LOVE our doctor.

Egg Donor:
We liked the donor from our first pregnancy and we were thrilled with the donor from our second pregnancy, but we LOVE this donor. I've sat and stared at her photo until I feel like I know her. She has the most beautiful smile and I have felt from the time we selected her that she is the one - the one that will bring us our family. She was a first time donor, but had two children of her own. We had no expectation of how many eggs she would produce or what the quality would be. Well, let me tell you how surprised we were when Dr Shivani called to say she collected 32 mature eggs!!! WOW! So, I started to do the math - assuming a 70% fertilization rate we would have 20 embryos - assuming 50% of those were good quality we'd have 10 embryos - 4 for now and 6 to freeze for a second attempt if needed. Are you following my math? Well, let me once again tell you how surprised we were when Dr Shivani called to say that 29 of the eggs fertilized (90% fertilization) and 26 of them were Grade A and 3 were Grade B!!! We transferred 4 Grade A today and froze 22 Grade A and 3 Grade B embryos!!! Enough for probably four more attempts, God forbid we need them.

We have 25 excellent quality FROZEN EMBIES :)

Dr S was thrilled with the results.

Now, this was the tough thing. Surrogate K (from our last cycle) is what Dr S calls a 'dream surrogate'. I laughed when Dr S said there are 'no shenanigans' with K - I love that word. She takes her meds and never complains. Well, unfortunately, K began bleeding a few days ago and was unable to go through with the embryo transfer today. Fortunately for us, Dr S stayed up most of one night organizing a back up plan. She was able to move another surrogate into our cycle and now K (who is now better) will go to another set of Intended Parents - I think next week. We wish her the best of luck...

Pregnancy test is January 26.

And, if we get a negative, we'll be just fine with 25 fabulous embies in storage!