Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 Weeks!

Wow!  We received these 3D shots yesterday and although we wish they were clearer, it is still so exciting to see the outline of their faces...blurry as the images may be, you can tell there are little people's faces in there!  Pretty fun.

I have been traveling like a crazy person - as I have mentioned many times.  Last week I was back in DC and NY for the third month in a row and all this travel time gives me a little too much time to worry about the pregnancy - 6 1/2 hours from JFK to LAX is way too much time for roaming thoughts about 'doomsday', 'what if' scenarios.  I guess you never feel safe about these fragile pregnancies until the babies are in your arms.  The truth of the matter is that we have had an uneventful pregnancy this time around.  Statistically, a third miscarriage in a row would be pretty unlikely, right?  It is medically not even considered to be a miscarriage after 20 weeks.  Even still, I found myself using the in-flight internet to search 'Dr Google' en route from NY back to LA on Friday.  I found a disturbing study on triplet to twin, reduction pregnancies.  In the study, 11% of the pregnancies ended at 21 or 22 weeks.  Ok, so two more weeks of worrying!  Crazy thoughts, I know.  I just keep thinking about the fact that 28 weeks is considered the 'point of viability'.  Of course we don't want preemies at 28 weeks, but the idea of only having 8 weeks to go until the babies could likely survive on their own, outside the womb, is a date 'in bold' on the calendar.

I know the next 8 weeks will fly by.  I am in Vegas for a trade show all next week, in Boston the week following and in Chicago after that.  Steve's mom is arriving for her annual visit in June as well.  It will be July before we know it and then back to India in August.  Whew!

It is exciting to see that so many of our surro buddies are getting closer and closer to delivery.  As Dr Shivani recently reported on her blog, SCI currently has over 50 ongoing pregnancies and many of these start to go to term in June/July/August!  I can't wait to see all of our friends' births posted on line, one by one.  Good stuff.

Terry & Steve

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Quick Update - Almost 18 Weeks...

This will be quickie!  I am so sorry for not posting sooner.  My travel schedule with work has been nuts!

We were to have had a scan at 16 weeks but our surrogate was a bit under the weather - nothing serious, a few antibiotics, all better.  So, we had a scan at 17 weeks (last Tuesday), but I haven't had the time to post!  Here are the two little ones.  We are just one day shy of 18 weeks...

Twin 1 (measuring 17 weeks 5 days) at 17 Weeks

Twin 2 (measuring 17 weeks, 1 day) at 17 Weeks

Can't wait for the 3D pics at 20 weeks!

Terry & Steve