Friday, June 10, 2011

Second Parent Adoption

The boys are 9 months old tomorrow.  Time really does pass so quickly.  All is simply wonderful. 

The Dallas Voice published an article today that does a really nice job of telling our story.  I would like to thank Tammye Nash, Senior Editor, for being so thorough and for telling our story with such honesty.

Steve's adoption was final on June 1.  We went through the family court system in Dallas and it was really quite simple and the costs were minimal.  I will say that the quoted legal fees were vastly different from one attorney to the next.  The person we used had handled an adoption for some friends of ours (another same-sex, male couple) and he was efficient and his prices were very reasonable.  We went before the judge answered affirmatively to a series of questions and the judge issued the adoption decree - done!  We were in court for all of five minutes.

Here are some images from the courthouse on adoption day...

Much Love,
Terry, Steve, Jag and Ajay