Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nana & PawPaw...and Jag's Bedhead

Quickie post.  The boys are 7 months old the day after tomorrow.  I had these pictures on my camera from last weekend and I knew my parents wanted to see them.  I am off to the airport in about two hours for an 8 day business trip to Europe.  I have been gone almost every week lately which is so tough on me - in terms of missing the family.  Really tough.  Gainfully, and happily employed so always smiling, but miss my family terribly.  The only consolation is that coming home is so special.  I returned yesterday from a two day trip and I have been with the boys non-stop for the past day.  They are so amazing...Jag is pretty much crawling...inching along, pulling his legs up and inching forward.  They are doing really well on solids and they are sleeping a full 11 hours a night without waking!  (insert big smile here)

Here are pics with my parents from their visit last weekend and a morning shot of Jag's bedhead!  I attempted to give him a haircut yesterday and he is looking a little like a punk rocker!

Hope everyone is well.  Maybe I will have some time on my flight to Barcelona today to catch up on blogs...that would be a treat.

Terry, Steve, Jag & Ajay