Sunday, November 14, 2010

No Time to Type

I am officially the worst blogger on earth.  Two kids + spouse + work = zero downtime (literally zero) for Terry. 

I have been out of town every week since we returned.  This week I was in New York City and the three weeks prior in Los Angeles.  We have been lucky to have Steve's mom or my mom here consistently since we returned.  This gives Steve the opportunity to go to bed at around 7pm, with grandma doing the 10pm feed, and then Steve gets up at 2-3am when they wake for their night feed, and pretty much stays up...maybe a nap on the sofa, but up and about none the less.  This means I go on weekend duty.  As an example, I landed at the Dallas airport around 10pm on Friday night.  So, everything on my to do list for yesterday - including a fantasy trip to the gym, did not materialize.  All is good, no complaints, but for all of you on the 'twin pregnancy' count down...grab some shut eye boys and girls and wrap up any projects at work that you will soon be in an all new time and space!  You soon have to reshuffle all priorities.  A close friend of mine yesterday said that she didn't know what she did before she had her kids (they are both teenagers now).  She said, 'I thought I was so busy, but now I realize how much time I wasted'.  It is so true.  I must confess that I have not even gone onto blogger in 2 weeks - not to read, not to write.  So, I am attempting a quickie catch up on everyone's lives in this brief moment of quiet.

Steve has started to do some planting before it gets too cold...this is a great time to plant in Texas because the spring seasons is followed so quickly by intense heat.  Everything gets much better rooted in the fall - provided you plant things that are cold hardy.  We lined the back fence with black bamboo and built a wall of star jasmine.  By next summer we should see some nice growth.  He's off to Home Depot now for some planting supplies and I am trying to finish the quick blog post before a child demands to be burped, changed, fed, held or otherwise entertained.

All this said - WE LOVE BEING DADS!!!

Steve's mom left this weekend and headed back to Atlanta.  My mom arrives back this Wednesday and will be here through Thanksgiving.  My dearest girlfired and her husband and 6 year old son arrive one week from today and will be here 10 the rotating door of free child care continues...thank God for our friends and family!!! We love you!!

The boys had their 2 month check up last week and both weigh approximately 5kg (11 pounds)!  They are the biggest pigs I've ever seen.  They have so many fat rolls on their necks that it takes two adults at bath time to get at all the dried milk (which smells of dirty socks I might add).  Jag barely has a neck - he goes from chin to chest with five rolls between.  For some reason they both pee on me at most every diaper change - not on Steve, just on me.  Case in point...I just left my computer to tend to Ajay who was fussing.  Low and behold, he had a blow out in his diaper - this one was messy beyond messy - and just as I took off the diaper, the water fountain hit me right in the face.  Twice in the tub last night I had the same face wash.  Is it me?  LOL.

Boy oh boy are they cute though...newest development is that they smile at us when they see us and hear our voices...all the time!  It just melts your heart!

Here they are at 9 weeks - taken yesterday...

And, here we have Ajay whispering secrets to Jag...would love to know what they are saying to one another!