Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ready For Our Close-Ups

So, now that the boys are eating some solids, I have resorted to feeding them in only a diaper.  It is such a mess with the pureed food - all over us, the table, the floor and their clothes.  So, feeding in a diaper is a beautiful thing!  By the way, they are getting quite good with the food - much more going down their throat and much less running down their chest...Ajay has learned a new trick which is to blow instead of he blows food all over everything...he has also found it is fun to do this with his bottle.  He sits and blows bubbles into his bottle rather than sucking.  Slightly annoying but look at these pics and tell me if you could honestly be too annoyed!

So, what are the odds that when I put them in their chairs for feeding that they both assume the exact same position - leaning to the right, attempting to climb out of their seats!  Had to grab some quick photos.  I did not pose them - they did this all on their own.

They are so much fun these days...need lots of entertaining (they bore quite easily), but they are pure joy to us. 

Hope everyone is well out there.  I have lots of 'blog catching up' to do - I just saw a couple of births and some positive pregnancy tests!  Congrats to all!!