Sunday, May 16, 2010

20 Weeks!

Wow!  We received these 3D shots yesterday and although we wish they were clearer, it is still so exciting to see the outline of their faces...blurry as the images may be, you can tell there are little people's faces in there!  Pretty fun.

I have been traveling like a crazy person - as I have mentioned many times.  Last week I was back in DC and NY for the third month in a row and all this travel time gives me a little too much time to worry about the pregnancy - 6 1/2 hours from JFK to LAX is way too much time for roaming thoughts about 'doomsday', 'what if' scenarios.  I guess you never feel safe about these fragile pregnancies until the babies are in your arms.  The truth of the matter is that we have had an uneventful pregnancy this time around.  Statistically, a third miscarriage in a row would be pretty unlikely, right?  It is medically not even considered to be a miscarriage after 20 weeks.  Even still, I found myself using the in-flight internet to search 'Dr Google' en route from NY back to LA on Friday.  I found a disturbing study on triplet to twin, reduction pregnancies.  In the study, 11% of the pregnancies ended at 21 or 22 weeks.  Ok, so two more weeks of worrying!  Crazy thoughts, I know.  I just keep thinking about the fact that 28 weeks is considered the 'point of viability'.  Of course we don't want preemies at 28 weeks, but the idea of only having 8 weeks to go until the babies could likely survive on their own, outside the womb, is a date 'in bold' on the calendar.

I know the next 8 weeks will fly by.  I am in Vegas for a trade show all next week, in Boston the week following and in Chicago after that.  Steve's mom is arriving for her annual visit in June as well.  It will be July before we know it and then back to India in August.  Whew!

It is exciting to see that so many of our surro buddies are getting closer and closer to delivery.  As Dr Shivani recently reported on her blog, SCI currently has over 50 ongoing pregnancies and many of these start to go to term in June/July/August!  I can't wait to see all of our friends' births posted on line, one by one.  Good stuff.

Terry & Steve


Edward said...

I've learned my lesson about Dr. Google on several occasions. I know you know that we can all find things to worry about with the click of a mouse. Ignorance really can be bliss with some topics! You are more than 1/2 way there...try to keep the focus on the good stuff that all is boring and normal! Let's all forget about that reduction statistic together! Best of everything fellas!

Phoenix said...

Haven't we talked about the evil Dr Google??? No, no, NO!!! Naughty boys, no Dr Googling for you. Your babies are just fine and will continue to be fine. We all scare ourselves silly for no reason at all. Cute little noses ... your babes will look clearer and more defined in coming scans, 3Ds are best after 28 weeks.

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

What amazing news! Time sure flies when you keep busy. You will finally be back in India for the birth of your little ones soon enough. It's about time!!!!

So very happy for you guys that your time has come. All the very best on a safe and uneventful trip and return home.

jojo said...

What gorgeous babies you've got there! I hope I can meet them - that'd be the best!

I worry about my little one every day. Sometimes I get into a purely positive and excited frame of mind, but that doesn't last for too long, because I then start worrying that I'm taking everything for granted.

None of us will be happy until our babies are in our arms. Surrogacy is tough, especially when our babies are on the other side of the world.

But we'll be OK. We'll be parents soon and we'll be able to put this worry behind us.

Congrats on 20 weeks. Well over the half way mark!


George said...

so cute
so happy for you guys

Will and Michael said...

Congrats on twenty weeks!!! No more Dr Google!! I think we are all exactly the same and idle hands are definitely the devils playground. I am exactly the same one moment positive and the next moment protecting myself and bracing myself for the worst.

I hope this continues to be a smooth and carefree journey for your guys.

Half way there but this really is the better half!!

WendyandTyler said...

Adorable! I google everything as well...not always good for reassurances :). I can imagine how stressful this is, but in a couple weeks you will feel so much better (and with all your traveling, those two weeks will fly by, and then you'll feel in a safer zone). Can't wait to see more pictures :)

Danielle said...

Congratulations on 20 weeks! Excellent news and cool pics! XOXO

Mandy said...

Aww, such a cute outline of your babe!! Dont you let Dr. Google get to u, just think of your baby in August and how much time you will NOT have to

enojy the momet and you guys truly deserve it!!

Doug and Bill said...

Such cool images!!!

AnGèLe said...

I stumbled across your blog! :) Congratulations! How exciting! Your babies look wonderful!

I gave birth 5 weeks ago to my surrogate daughter! I carried her for a wonderful ecstatic and exhausted new daddy! :)