Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twelve Weeks

On one hand it feels like we just celebrated the boys' birth yesterday...on the other hand I find myself asking ' has it really only been 3 months?'.  All is well...growing like weeds...grins are plentiful at the sound of our voices or eye contact.

As I type this, I am on an early, Saturday morning flight from Miami to NY.  This is a long trip - I am five days into a ten day business trip.  Today, day five, officially marks the longest period I have been away from the boys since their birth.  I am so sad but at the same time, I know it will just make my return home even that much more special.  Steve and I were able to Skype briefly last night and it is simply amazing how much they change in only five days.

All this said, we had the most beautiful Thanksgiving, purchased our Christmas tree and had it fully trimmed - along with the exterior lighting on the home - before I left on November 29th.  We love our new home in Dallas and we couldn't feel more blessed about our life.

The boys are now going as long as 5 - 5 1/2 hours between feedings which is a nice improvement from 3 hours!  We have had a bit of difficulty finding the right formula...both boys are 'guzzlers' which results in lots of spit up.  It is not unusual for them - when really hungry - to 'down' 7 ounces in 5 minutes.  Then we have 1/4 of that coming back up over the course of the next hour.  We have tried no lactose, low lactose, name it.  We put them on Gerber's Good Start last week and it seems to have made a nice difference.  The proteins are whey, and are broken down more fully than in other brands.  As a bonus, a close friend's mother works for the parent company of Gerber and we are able to buy the formula by the case at half price!  So, fingers crossed that some varietal of this brand will work.

We also had a nice surprise in November...friends in Dallas through a second shower.  These were all friends who were unable to attend the LA shower earlier this year.  Actually, my friends who hosted, called it a 'Sip and See'...essentially, a baby shower done after the birth where the adults stand around, drink, and fuss over the babies.  Pretty fun! My friend Carrie's mother knitted cardigans for both boys...we LOVE them!

Happy Holidays to everyone and best wishes for lots of healthy pregnancies and births in 2011!

Terry, Steve, Jag and Ajay


Tigerlilycat said...

The boys are divine - and no wonder they're thriving so much if they're inhaling that much formula! If you can, stop them and burp them a few times as they're drinking. Thanks for finding the time to update us all.

Johnny and Darren said...

Truly beautiful boys! What a wonderful Christmas this will be!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Australia.

Johnny, Darren and Noah

Phoenix said...

Swwww, little boys. They have grown so much. Is that Ajay with all the hair or Jag?

Merry Christmas and happy Holidays from Western Australia!!!

Doug and Bill said...

so so cute! and merry christmas boys!

Mandy said...

A house full of boys, oh boy, lol. BUSY BUSY BUSy house hold. They are so handsome! i cant believe how big they are getting.

Have a great holiday and i love the pics!! Cant wait to see holiday one.