Sunday, January 30, 2011

20 Weeks

Whew.  Literally out of breath.  I have started nothing short of 10 times to write this, but the two little cuties in the pictures below would have nothing of it!  Steve is working outside because we finally have some warm weather (although we are back below freezing starting tomorrow according to  So, with Steve outside, that means I am inside and that means I am POOPED!  Exhausted.  Honestly, hats off to all the full time mom and dads out there - it is (as many reading this know) the most emotionally rewarding and draining job on the planet.  All this said, I've had such a great time with the boys this weekend.  I have been with them work, no computer...just me and the boys. 

They are, as the title says, 20 weeks old.

Developments since my last posting - solid food (we love peaches, bananas, pears and really anything sweet), supported sitting (as you see in the photos below), rolling from tummy to back and vice versa (and across the room!).  Sleeping 6 hours between feeds :) and male pattern balding!  So all are cute developments except the idea that they want daddy's hairdo.  Hmmm.  Ajay went completely bald and now it is grown back like a military flat-top.  Jag is bald only on the back - we have somehow managed to keep those beautiful tresses in front - perfectly coiffed! They each sport a nice little round, bald spot right smack in the back of their heads where they lay all the time.  At their four month check up they each weighed around 15 1/2 lbs.  Ajay has pretty much caught up with Jag on all fronts - I suspect he will be the first to crawl based on his rolling expertise.  We left the room for a moment the other day and came back to find him all the way across the room!

All is well in Dallas.  Although winter is mild here, we've still had to get used to forced heat in the house (and the dry skin that comes with it).  My mom is coming next weekend so we are all excited about that!

Sorry for being so out of touch with everyone out there in blog land.  I miss the time to sit and read all the updates and miss the time to write myself.  I am shooting for at least one update a month...that seems totally reasonable.

We hope you enjoy viewing the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Terry, Steve, Jag and Ajay


TJ said...

Love the pic where Jag has his hand in Ajay's mouth exploring. Bet they're best buds!

Hugs to all four of you guys. Isn't life grand?

Rhonda and Gerry W said... got them to smile at the same time! Well done. Just such little cuties. Can't understand why you have NO time to blog?????


Doug and Bill said...

is it possible that they are getting cuter? my goodness...thanks for the post. Happy New Year!

Will and Michael said...

Your boys are adorable!!! I am sure they keep you amused and definitely on your toes.. We definitely think anyone with twins or more are incredible people!!! Our little man keeps us both on our toes..

Keep the photos coming..


Kerrie and Mark said...

Oh they are so precious! Perfect perfect!!
One update a month is perfect, please do it, I just love seeing how all our sweet babies grow.

Tigerlilycat said...

The boys are just divine, and are looking more and more like each other.

Our goal is to post monthly too (even though we manage to read more often - have you ever wondered what you did with all your spare time now??), and it's amazing to look back at previous posts to see how much our two have developed. Agree fully with Kerrie that it's so lovely to watch all of "our" babies grow.

Unknown said...

They are just to cute! I do know exactly how you feel.

Daria said...

They are the cutest babies ever! They both look very happy and healthy. Hope you are enjoying every moment!

Phoenix said...

Such big boys sitting up in their little seats. They are as cute and adorable as ever.

jojo said...

They are soooooo cute. And they look like real characters. Well done both of u! X xx