Thursday, June 4, 2009

3A, 2B

No, not an airline seating chart…the grading of our embryos. I woke up in my NY hotel room this morning to find an email from Dr. Gandhi at Rotunda – I quietly said a prayer before opening the email. We had, what I had previously referred to as a ‘best case scenario’, 5 embryos! I wanted to call Steve, but it is 3 hours earlier in LA – so I waited until 7:30am, NY time, and woke him at 4:30am. We are both thrilled. All 5 were transferred and, as we had known would likely be the case, none to be frozen. Pregnancy test scheduled for Monday, June 15. Yes, I know, I know – 5 is a lot, even with 2 B’s in the mix, but if there is anything that is certain about this process, it is that nothing is certain about this process. My first call was to one of my oldest and closest girl friends, Dana, who lives in Atlanta. Dana went through two IVF cycles a little over 5 years ago – one failed and one successful – her beautiful son Jack will be 5 this November. In her first cycle, they transferred 3 Grade A embies – pregnancy test, negative. In her second cycle, they transferred 2 Grade B-/C embies – pregnancy test, positive. Anything is possible.

One of Our Grade A Embryos

I am sitting on a plane to fly from NY to Washington DC this morning - as I type this. Caroline Kennedy just boarded next to me – love the Kennedy family. I digress.

Fortunately, I am buried in work so there is little time to worry or obsess – though I’ll make some time for these activities I’m sure. I am back in LA tomorrow evening, Friday – home for the weekend. I leave again next week for an unusually lengthy business trip to Chicago and will be gone for another 8 days. Ugh. In fact, I will be in Chicago when we receive the news of our pregnancy test. I only hope I can make a call to Steve that day to celebrate. He is the eternal optimist – me, the realist. Only time will tell.

I did run across something interesting yesterday – our horoscope on I was meeting with one of my sales people in NY yesterday and she (a fellow Capricorn) was sharing that our horoscope (mine, hers, Steve’s) spoke to ‘fertility’ for June. She printed a copy for us and here are some excerpts:

‘June could well go down as one of your happiest months of the year.’

‘If you are already married, the topic of having a baby may come up in June. It’s a lovely time to summon the stork, for planets in Taurus are very fertile and loving. If you want a baby, this month would be the time to make that dream a reality.’

‘If you were hoping to have a baby, this would be a month to seriously prepare for that child’s arrival.’

‘You are clearly ready for a life transformation, and doubly so if you were born early in your sign, say, near December 22-25. You seem anxious for the next chapter of your life to begin and happily, there is no more reason to wait. Indeed, everything in your chart is showing that you are biting at the bit, ready to bolt out of the gate.’

‘Capricorn does not make any moves before they have considered all details thoroughly, so chances are, you’re more than prepared for your next big step than you may have guessed.’

It would appear that the ‘stars are in alignment’ - so to speak - but then again, I am reminded , nothing is certain in life. For the next 11 days, however, I will join Steve and err on the side of optimism – the world can make do with one less realist – at least for now.



Mike and Mike said...


Good luck! Our thoughts and positive vibes are streaming your way...or at least your embies way. Here's hoping you return in March! Then the real adventure begins. Have you thought about what you will do in the case of multiples?

Mike and Mike

Phoenix said...

Hah, I thought the post was about airline seats!

Five isn't too many. Statistically you have a 50% chance of twins with 4 A grade embies, with 5 slightly higher, though you have two B's in the mix.

WIshing you peace and serenity during your two week wait and a blessing or two in fourteen days time.

Terry & Steve said...

Thank you for the stats! Everyone talks about A and B grades, but few people share how many cells there embies have - which is pretty important from what I gather. Our 3A's were each 8 cell which I understand gives us pretty good odds, but the 2B's were only 4 cell which I understand is more of a long shot. Would love to hear from readers of the blog how many cells they have had in previous transfers and results. With Egg donor or otherwise. Mike(s) - to answer your question about 'multiples' - we would love to have twins! It is if we find ourselves in the position you did with triplets that things get difficult to navigate, but we know what will have to happen then.