Saturday, June 13, 2009

'New Delhi Belly' (via Mumbai)

My boss, who recently returned from a business trip to India shared this catchy phrase with me - 'New Delhi Belly' - cute name for a not so cute stomach situation that hit me about two days after returning to the US, from India. Good Lord. I cannot remember a time where I have spent more days and hours either on the toilet or over the toilet. The strange thing was that it came and went - along with a pretty high fever - every several hours - for several days. Just when I would think it was subsiding, along would come a headache (often times late in the day), followed by fever, followed by a poop-tastrophe. Not funny I can assure you.

I had to fly to Chicago last Tuesday and I knew it was going to be a dangerous journey, but off I went. I had a connecting flight and seriously considered deplaning and not continuing on to Chicago - that is how sick I had become mid-flight. Alas, I made it to Chicago and, amazingly, to work on Wed, Thurs and Fri. Only today have I finally had a meal that didn't consist of soup or yogurt or bread. I swear I have lost 10 lbs - in fact, I know I have. I weighed at the gym this morning (first time at the gym in over a week) and I weighed 155 fully clothed. Yikes! Even with my manorexia issues, that was too thin! So, I had breakfast x2 today and will certainly gain back the 10 lbs by tomorrow. Lunch already sounds appealing.

I still have no idea which meal(s) may have brought this on, but I will most likely live on protein bars and bottled water the next trip because this has been a full on nightmare!

So, taking the day off today (still in Chicago) and preparing for a trade show that commences tomorrow and continues through Wednesday. Work will be nuts the next several days - which is good - keeps me focused on things other than babies. Monday is the the day we get the big news - are we pregnant? or not? My emotions the past two weeks have run from one extreme to another. I am just happy that the day is almost here. Steve is confident it will be a positive and I am confident we will be just fine no matter the outcome.

I will post on Monday once I get the news! Love and thanks to all our friends and family for all the prayers and warm thoughts.

Terry & Steve


Mike and Mike said...

Ow, ow, ow, ow. Next time, go to the doc and get drugs before you leave. That's what we did. I had a mild case, but the pills I took knocked it out in a day.

Our sympathies...Delhi Belly is NOT fun. Get well and have fun at the trade show...I'm assuming it's the outdoor Furniture one.

Mike A.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! Delhi Belly is awful and I am amazed you managed to get on that plane!

Monday...we are all waiting with you and hoping for awesome news!


jon said...

Hoping the best for you guys!

If you don't get a response by late this evening your time, you should call the clinic immediately and REMIND them you are waiting anxiously for the results.

Johnny and Darren said...

Anxiously waiting your positive news guys.....Hope you have a great day & be sure to keep us posted.

Johnny & Darren