Thursday, July 2, 2009

Happy Independence Day!

Well it is a 3 day holiday weekend here in the US and boy am I looking forward to a break from the daily grind. Steve's mom is visiting from Atlanta and she's never been to Vegas so we are taking her there for a couple of days. Certainly not a destination of choice for me - first of all, it is 102 degrees there at the moment and the drive (about 300 miles) can take 4-5 hours with traffic build up on a holiday weekend. I was just there for a trade show last month. Two months, back to back, in Vegas, sends shivers down my spine. I am, however, happy to see Steve's mom and she will love seeing all the lights and action for the first time - it is like nothing else you will ever see. So, off we go to the land of trashy people who spend too much, smoke too much and drink too much - Ugh. Every time I visit I wonder where the people come from - it is nothing short of bizarre.

Baby update:
We received the fourth, and final, beta results today. At 27 days past 3 day transfer (30 days past ovulation) we are only at 1860.

14 days past ovulation = 31
17 days past ovulation = 61
21 days past ovulation = 392
30 days past ovulation = 1860

We only doubled every four days since the last test. Maybe reason for concern, maybe not. The numbers have consistently been 'low', but also within the 'normal' range for the gestational age of the embryo. For example, for 3-4 weeks gestation, the 'normal range' according to Rotunda's laboratory is 1110-31500. We are at 1860 - 3.7 weeks since embryo transfer - within normal range.

The first ultrasound is scheduled for Monday. The ultrasound will show whether or not there is a yolk sac in the uterus and, if yes, whether or not there is an embryo present within the sac. They will also be testing to see if cardiac activity is present - and it should be at this stage. We expect the results when we awake on Monday morning. Anything is possible - people with high beta levels miscarry at this stage and people with low beta levels do as well. Only time will tell. All we know is that our levels have consistently fallen within the 'normal range' - albeit the low end of normal, but normal. At times we doubled every 1.5 days and at others every 4 days. Who knows?!?!

I will post on Monday once we get the ultrasound results. The docs say the surrogate is doing fine and has reported no problems or bleeding. This is good.

In the end, we want a healthy baby and we are willing to stay the course until we have just that - God willing the money holds out! We hope and pray this little one is growing and healthy, but if that is not the case, we fully embrace that God is at the wheel and whatever will be, will be. We both live a very faith based life and have prayed all along - not that we would have a baby, but that 'God's will' would be for us to have a baby and that we would be comforted in the fact that 'God's will be done'. Everything happens for a reason - we believe that whole heartedly and that is what keeps us going every day. If you say a prayer for us - we ask that you pray for our understanding and acceptance of the outcome rather than praying for a specific outcome. Understanding and acceptance is a wonderful gift. Thanks as always for all the warm wishes, thoughts and prayers.

Much love to our friends and family,
Terry and Steve


Anonymous said...

Rhonda's Mom here.
Just read your Blog.Yes,we pray that every thing will turn out great for the two of you.It is so hard trying to take this road to parenthood.But as you know how hard it was for Rhonda & Gerry and they stayed the road and so far so good.So you definately are in my prayers. God Bless.

Unknown said...

My betas were similiar. Started out with a 20 then to 42, then 96 and we (including all the docs) were pretty sure it was a chemical pregnancy. Lo and behold, our next came back at 362 and now here we are at 21 weeks! We were always on the low side of normal. I did a lot of researching during those agonising weeks and basically learned that 15% of pregnancies are lower than the average.

I am looking forward to your post informing us all of a heartbeat!

God willing is a phrase we use daily!


jon said...

We have been where you are now and we are still thinking the same way eight plus months later. There are times when we thought about giving in, that what we wanted was not going to happen, that it was out of our reach and we were foolish to believe it ever possibly could happen. Even though we are days or weeks away from delivery we still find all of this a bit surreal.

Please don't feel like you are up against a brick wall or stop believing for one minute that you can succeed. You can and you will. Don't be afraid to dare to dream about the possibilities. They are within your reach.

Unknown said...

Hi Terry and Steve,
Your expressions of faith are inspiring. We send our prayers.

Scott (S_and_P)