Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three Days Till Egg Pick Up...

Quick Update on Our Egg Donor: Heard from the doctor that the donor had 10 follicles on the last ultrasound with a few days of meds left to go. Because she has donated multiple times, the doctor knows what to expect from her response to the meds. She was honest with me when we met about what to expect. She said, 'this donor produces very few eggs, but very good quality - you will not likely have any embryos left for freezing.' So, we have known all along that we would probably only have one attempt with this particular donor. That said, hearing there were 10 follicles with a few days remaining sounds like we will have a few embies to pick from for transfer...and with any luck, just maybe some for freezing. Good news. This donor has gone thru three cycles with Dr Shivani and all three resulted in live births or ongoing pregnancies, so the odds are definitely on our side.

Quick Update on Our Surrogate: Her lining was already at 8mm last week, with several days to go before transfer, so we are in great shape there too! Dr S has said that she is a 'very cooperative surrogate'- never complaining about anything and very compliant with taking her meds. Evidently some of the surrogates can be quite 'fussy' as the Dr put it. When I met her she had brought a small gift for the doctor as she had just been at the temple praying for a positive outcome. She has quit her job as of a month ago to focus on this full time so I know she wants this to work as much as we do!

Egg pick up is Wednesday this week, Oct 14th...Pregnancy test results on Oct 28th!

Here we go again...'two week wait'- here we come!


TJ said...

How exciting! So many couples are cycling with Dr. Shivani right now - lined up like ducks in a row. I hope we all get our little ducklings in the end!

Phoenix said...

I'm third duck after you tjudle. It's exciting being so closely involved with other people's cycles - I get triple the excitement. : )))

Doug and Bill said...

That's so exciting, Terry. Bill and I will be very close to all of you guys with our FET which should happen in the next couple weeks. Our surro is getting tested this week, to see how her lining is doing. Can't wait to hear more from you guys. GOOD LUCK!

Charliecat & John said...

Wow,surrogacy in India has progressed.
I never use to hear about folicle counts,potential to freeze and surrogate's lining. I will keep fingers and toes crossed,

mehdirah said...

From my own experience, 11 eggs gave 6 embryos where 1 was finally successful (now at 18 weeks of pregnancy). So with 10 follicles, you will probably have 6-7 mature eggs and 3-4 good embryos.

So lets hope for sticky embryos and lot of luck in your Dehli attempt guys.


jojo said...

How exciting! I'm so incredibly hopeful that it works for you!


Anonymous said...

great news guys

your right behind me

had 27 eggs 16 A grade
4 transferred and 12 frozen
Dr S is wonderful

George (wanttobedad)