Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ducks & Frogs (with a turtle thrown in here and there...)

The nursery is nearing completion!  It is all about ducks and frogs - yellow and green - gender neutral.

The stuffed animal on the outside of the crib is called a 'Sleep Sheep' - there is one  on each crib that attaches with velcro.  They were a gift at our shower and they are so cool!  They make four different noises - that sound like mom's womb - to help them sleep, sleep, sleep - yeah, right!?  I can dream, right?

This room in our new house is by far the brightest - it gets so much sun.  So, we had these 'blackout' shades made that take out 95% of the daylight.  They lower from the top down which is nice because the little bit of sun that we do get, is filtered thru the valance.

The only missing element is the glider/rocker chair - it is on order and should be here within another month or so.

Got scans and updates from Dr S - at 32 weeks, both babies are just under 4lbs (1.8kg) and our surrogate is well.  The doc says that she believes our surro should make it to 36 weeks which is great news.  This makes sense because we have had such an (touch wood as Dr S says) uneventful pregnancy thus far.  I hope she is right.  So, based on that piece of information, I bit the bullet and booked our flights.  We leave on Sunday, September 5 with a 24 hour stop-over in Amsterdam (we used frequent flier miles for the tickets and this is what we got for free, we'll have a nice dinner and enjoy the cool weather there!) - we arrive in Delhi late evening on September 7th - 36 weeks to the day.  We are still working on our housing - Lotus is booked but we are working with Shilpi on some other options and will have that nailed down shortly.

Starting to pack the babies' bag(s) for our trip!!!  We leave in JUST OVER 3 WEEKS!  OMG.  This is really, really happening.

Thinking of Jojo over there in Delhi - can't wait for their news!!!!!



Mandy said...

OMG! How gorgeous, i just love your taste...cant wait to see you and JoJo's updates, you all have come so far. We love hearing from you guys! Great to see you have settled in nicely. ALL THE BEST GUYS!!


Charliecat & John said...

I cannot believe how quickly the time has gone.
You'll be Daddies very soon. Enjoy the last few days of sleep,

Amber and Brian said...

I love the clean lines of the nursery. I think the yellow makes it look warm and inviting. It is wonderful to read that the pregnancy is progressing so smoothly and that everything from the move is coming together. I think in today's world its always a special gift when kids are able to grow up near extended family, even if it is in Texas. :)

I've been looking at those Sleep Sheep and thinking about bringing one with us to India so that we could have something consistent and familiar for the baby. Are you going to take yours?

coco said...

this is so unbelieveable. i remember when you posted the good news that your SM was pregnant, then the news there were twins, missing you when you didn't post and now at last here we are! it reaffirms that time doesn't stand still and miracles do happen. that after the rain the sun does shine. i absolutely love the babies room. OMG in less than a month you'll be in india. this is great news

Todd said...

BIG VOTE from here on the Sleep Sheep!!! We also got two as gifts for our first twins and now with each set they have become very comforting parts of all our babies' bedtime routine. The sounds are on times so after 22 or 44 minutes all is quiet.

I have to ask -- where's the turtle that's referred to in your post's title? This may just be another incredible coincidence, but we have this turtle night light (also received as a gift) which projects a constellation sky onto the entire ceiling of our nurseries: Again, a big part of our nighttime sleep routines.

I didn't see monitors in your nursery. If you don't have yours yet, I highly recommend the motion-sensing Angelcare Baby Monitor. It alarms if it senses no movements (sensitive enough to pick-up breathing movements) from the baby within "X" seconds -- which is very reassuring when your babies are first sleeping on their own in the nursery. We have them on all four of our cribs and they work well.

Danielle said...

That room looks gorgeous! Your little ones will be so happy there.

You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Terry & Steve said...

Thanks for all the wonderful comments!! Amber/Brian, we are going to take one of the sheep with us...most definitely. Todd, our side table lamp is a turtle :) we also have two larged, stuffed turtles that we received at the shower - not in the pics. We are getting so excited!!!

Todd said...

Ah, OK! The turtle I provided a link to would fit in well then!

I meant to comment also that those are great weights for 32 weeks! It puts them on track for healthy weights by 36 weeks (although the pace of weight gain does slow after 32-33 weeks for twins).

Mike and Mike said... soon! Now I say this to everyone who's expecting...get as much sleep as possible cause once they come, you'll be sleepless for at least 2 to 4 months!

TJ said...

So cute! Love green and yellow AND ducks and frogs. Would have probably gone with that color scheme regardless if we knew the sex. Just not a pink and blue kinda gal.

We'll be there on the 20th so, if you guys are still around, we should meet up. Can't wait to meet you and your babies. Yay!

Edward said...

Fantastic job! The room looks just darling.
Mere weeks away!
I wonder if you realized the irony of your travel dates? Sept 6 is LABOR day this year!!!!
Enjoy the building excitement over the coming weeks.
E & P

Unknown said...

We will send you a free airline ticket to Maryland to paint our guest room if you are available. I love the room!!!

Rhonda and Gerry W said...

FINALLY you both will have those little cribs filled with your long awaited bundles of joy. Couldn't be more happier for you two.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Love the Sheep, I'm looking at them too. They also have a Dolphin as well. I agree with Tod the Turtle night light is so good (I'd like one in my bedroom).
Are you staying at Lotus? If you find any other great apartments please post about them.

jojo said...

Oh, bless you T&S, for thinking of us. You're sooooooo sweet.

I love your nursery. It's so cute to see the cots lined up like that. Wow! Your babies will be besties from day one.

An American couple arrived in Delhi today, on the very day their babies were born. All is well with them and they have two beautiful girls.

I wonder what you'll be having?!

Lots of luv, your online gf xxx

Phoenix said...

Lovely x 2. Toby has a turtle on string that bounces hanging from his light. Turtles Rock! Not long now!

Doug and Bill said...

Been following you guys and so happy that you are almost there! What an amazing journey. You guys are true inspiration. Love the nursery. It's just perfect!