Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A New Day

Since my last posting, I have had a very amicable email exchange with the docs at Rotunda. I wrote that last post with no hidden agenda - there were things that needed to be written and Steve and I needed to share them and move on. Much to my surprise I received a rather detailed apology - acknowledgment - validation. I actually cried and shook reading the email. As important as it was for us to share our past experience, it is equally important to share this. The group at Rotunda are trying to make improvements and are adding staff - there was acknowledgment that what is really lacking more than communication is 'sensitivity'. The apology was heartfelt and I can say with all sincerity that there is at least one person in that operation that I will remain in contact with - I have promised to send a baby photo to this person - and that I will do. All in good time. I thank them for everything.

Plan B. We never knew what Plan B was going to be. We knew there would be one if needed and a Plan C, D, E...fortunately for us, Plan B has come together quite simply. We are very excited to report that we are moving forward quickly with a new clinic, doctor, egg donor and surrogate. I fly out to Delhi this coming Sunday. I am going to be touring the hospital, signing the legals, meeting the surrogate and leaving some of my DNA in the freezer...enough for Plan B, C, D, E...just in case. We cycle in just a few weeks time.

Given that I haven't been to the clinic yet, I can't share much. I can tell you my perceptions - every egg donor profile we received showed, at minimum, a 12th grade education and the doctor signed the first email 'I look forward to meeting you'. That's just about the touchiest, feeliest email I have received from India to date - aside from the aforementioned apology.

Sign me up.


Doug and Bill said...

So happy for you guys and glad there was such nice closure with Rotunda. It looks like you guys are off to a great Plan B...And we'll be cycling around the same time!...we have embryo transfer on September 28th at Rotunda. Wishing you and Steve a world of luck! Please keep us posted. Aloha, Doug

Niels and Alexander said...

Good for you to move on to achieve your goal.
We wish all the best to you and hope all goes well next time. Keep us posted!

jojo said...

I'm so glad for you both. I completely agree with you - sensitivity is a really important component of the service we should receive and sadly, it's often missing.

Can't wait to hear you relflection on Delhi.

Good luck boys!!!

Mandy said...

So, excited there is a Plan B, and quickly. I agree with what your looking for in a clinic and thats why we changed clinics too. Our plan B is in Feb. 2010.

Good Luck & All teh best, cant wait to hear about Delhi!!

CW said...

Hi boys,

I am so pleased that you have had the closure that you need.I await eagerly to see how plan B goes.
I am interested to know which clinic you are using as I am looking at a couple of clinics in Delhi as well.
All the best for this trip,


mehdirah said...

This is a great thing guys...never stay on a failure.

It is also a good thing that rotunda people apologised...I was really shocked at how you were treated.

I wish you good luck on your second cycle... And lets hope it is the last one :-)


Rhonda and Gerry W said...


Todd said...

Wonderful to hear you have a plan to move forward, and so soon!!! Best wishes on your upcoming travels.

Phoenix said...



Andrea Rubera said...

Hi Terry and Steve, this is Andrea from Italy-Rome (ANdrea in Italian is a male name... :O)))

I'm following your adventure on this blog and I'm quite interested as me and my partner Dario are planning to follow the same path...

Could I ask you (also in private; my personal e-mail is which is the name of the new Hospital you are dealing with?

Best regards!

Unknown said...

Glad things got a little better in the end. Onwards and upwards. Good luck.